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April 2012



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i'd make u up

Live from New York...Kindness Wins!

My good friend Joseph has a very special dog for adoption - her name is Bella. This is Bella's story... and anyone looking for a new family member, well, this just may be your lucky day :) You may also message me and I will HOOK YOU UP.



Kindness wins!
Yep - kindness wins. Unless you're the pope then not so much. BAH.
OK, I am sitting here in tears.

That is...

Well, that's just the best thing ever. If I had a house and not a condo, I'd be taking that dog today...but after all that outdoor stuff I think she deserves to have fun and be able to run run run when she wants.

And whoever made Bella's life hell for all that time before St Joseph took care of her? I hope he one day finds himself in the same position he's put his dogs in.
Okay, that made me cry.

Thank goodness for you and Joseph and all the other miracle workers out there.

How can we treat these poor, innocent, TRUSTING creatures this way??

I hope Bella finds a home that deserves her.
I remember this thing that went around on Facebook last year about "If you saw me in the back of a police car, what would you think I'd done to get there?" and most of my friends answered something about me beating the holy hell out of someone who'd abused an animal.

I cannot describe the rage that I feel when I hear about abuse or see a photo of abuse. I swear people like Valerie and Joseph are saints.
I'm not a saint, I have more flaws and more devil in me than I care to share but I read a Lily Tomlin quote once and it said "I always wondered why somebody doesn't do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody."

That's pretty much it. I have a little extra room in my life and house and heart for creatures humanity threw away. It's a pain in the ass but when the adoption happens and I get the pictures of the dog running and healthy - the joy never ends.

As for Joseph- he is amazing. He took that Gina dog at 32 pounds (BTW the Manhattan ACC was going to euthanize her for food aggression I swear to God) and turned her into a great girl. It is possible! Anyway - I want to do what I can for Bella here and I think a reader of mine just might do the trick. That's my hope anyway :)
I think I speak for many of your readers when I say that to us, you're a saint. :) My boyfriend and I need to buy a farm somewhere so we can do this too.
Awwww you are so kind. And you do not need a farm. You can go get a little dog (Chihuahuas make up 40% of shelter populations thanks to Paris Hilton and our desperately ill American culture) and shove it in a spare room and save the little thing and find it a home - One little dude at a time. I can't get a farm. Mr. Fausone will kill me because I will come home with 48 dogs and a giraffe.
I agree with jeditigger! You are saint, Valerie! Not many people are willing to do what you do.
I bet they'd say that about me, too!

That jackass Vick is from just across the river from here. He'd better watch out if I ever see him, 'cause he's gonna get hurt...bad!

I hope there's a very special place in the Afterlife for cretins like him.
Your cat has laser weapons on KILL.
Oh yeah. And they're aimed at all the jackass animal abusers!

(Icon kitteh was an abused, abandoned kitten. The poor guy still has emotional issues. I'm just glad that I'm the one who wound up with him, because I love him no matter what weird - and sometimes painful - things he does.)
AWWWWWWWWW, we are so meant to be friends!!! Thank you for loving on that poor kitty.

The kitty in my icon was at a shelter because his left eye is a bit messed up and no one wanted to adopt him because of it. (I named him Moody for Mad-Eye Moody in the Harry Potter books.)

HE IS AWESOME. He is the most personality-filled cat ever. And remind me that I said that when he plays SNAKECAT and bites my nose.
Thank YOU for selecting the kitty no one else wanted! Silly people - those are the ones who are the BEST! LMAO, SNAKECAT. My Lucky-boy (laser eyes) does that every now and then, too.

Also, entirely awesome name!

I went poking around your LJ a bit, and with the exception of your freakish love of Lost ;) we are meant to be friends on SO many levels!!
I have a fixation with Lost right now. My freakish love is for Batman. ;)

Here, Snakecat.
I wish she could stay with Joseph. She's a part of the pack now!
OT, but I wanted to thank you for the advice when my Doberhorse Guinness was a pup. He's working as my wheelchair dog now, and most people can't believe an 18 month old pup is such a well-behaved dog. Thanks for talking me down during the phases random strangers didn't see. ;) Hellion or not, you're still a good egg in my book!
His mother is a Doberman adopted from a shelter in Birmingham, AL. 6 weeks after adoption, she had 8 little surprises. Whatever Daddy was, he's big. I often theorize Shetland Pony. Since Guinness loves to run, Doberhorse is as good a breed descriptor as any!

You are welcome - training is key! And he got older - that always helps. Hey maybe when Jagger is 18 months old someone will remark that he is so well behaved. LMAO!!! OK we all have our dreams hahha!
It gives me hope that people like you, and Joseph exist in the world. People who care enough to rescue these abused, abandoned and neglected animals and show them what love really means.

It goes without saying that the video had me in tears - joy for Bella, who is finally on the road to a happy life after being horribly mistreated, and sadness/anger for the animals who might not be so lucky. By the very end, I was sobbing. I wish that I could save them all, to protect them from any kind of pain.

Thank you so, so much for what you do. ♥
Awww thank you for your kind words and take heart- there are literally millions of people across the USA who do this - especially in the rural areas (LA, CA and the southern states) and without our efforts the government would kill 10 million dogs instead of 5 million every single effin year. I know it's not enough- but it's something.

I cried for Bella, too. Joseph is a wonderful man and he will make sure she finds the best home ever. He will!
I have no doubt Joseph will work his magic and find a wonderful home for Bella. Although she seems to have bonded so well with the pack, it would be nice if she could stay there. :)

One day when I have a place with lots of room, and a yard, I will rescue a dog (or two). That's a promise.