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April 2012



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Order in the Court


Today, the entire "Supreme Court" needs to stick their heads in a bag so none of them will see the lightening bolt that is simply inevitable. All Supremes save one, Justice Alito, concluded that a anti-cruelty law was too broad. From ABC News:

"The Supreme Court today invalidated a federal law that had criminalized the sale of certain depictions of animal cruelty, including violent dogfighting videos."

This means, our right to amuse our human selves with video pit bull fights and crush films wherein a psychopath in high heels crushes a kitten for the sexual rush of it all is preserved. Then, they sell it on the internet to vipers eager to see the spectacle.

Legalism, is a dangerous thing as it hoists human arrogance to astounding new levels. To argue that our national obsession with "free speech" is jeopardized by a kitten squashing video is outrageous. To imagine that dog fighting films challenge free speech rights is absurd. Perhaps we can bring back vivisection and have more animal cruelty sequels than we ever got with Star Wars.

And a note about pit bulls and pit bull fighting... Pit bull, by definition, is not a breed. It is a category of dogs which includes American pit bull terrier, Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier and sometimes, the American bull dog. The evolution of pit bull fighting has it's roots in rural and urban areas of the United States and it is the dirty business of felons and sociopaths. In order to get a pit bull to fight, the insane cruelty done to that animal includes chaining an 8 week old puppy to a pole with a tow chain so it lives outdoors permanently, not feeding it but twice a week using live kittens, using food to reward snapping/biting/lunging, routine beatings, feeding it gun powder, broken glass, and on and on. This is how you get a dog to fight, as there is no other way to do it. Fighting is against their nature and the pit bulls must be forced into the behavior. After a year of violence and abuse, these dogs can make a hell of a video. Then, in a final "Ta-da" finish, humans have the amazing nerve to label this breed as "bad" dogs.

Dog fighters get dogs for free of Craig's List and out of shelters and use them for bait dogs. Practice animals, if you will. We have a bait dog in our program with 50 holes in his head and a reconstructed ear.

It takes us a full year to rehabilitate a fighting dog. We do it using kindness, feeding 5 times a day, and huge amounts of zen-like quiet time for the animal. The pit bulls come out of the haze of abuse to eventually trust humans again. One year.

To take a video of the results of this grotesque human manipulation of what were once gentle, sweet puppies at birth, and profit from that, is as an apocalypse of wrong. That today it is legal, is a shameful day for free speech, my America, and the victimized animals.

Free speech isn't free. It's paid for, in this case, by helpless companion animals.

To say I'm disappointed is an understatement. I'm horrified, and disgusted that the chief "lawyers" gave felons the green light today, to peddle their cruel goods at the expense of the innocent. Baby porn- why not?

If only I could save all my beloved pit bulls. What's done to them, it's legal. Breed specific legislation is legal, too. Pit bulls are hunted by the evil, the politicians and now the Supreme Court.

How sorry I am for these loving, graceful and beautiful dogs who are born into such a horrible pit of a country with more lawyers than sense, and institutional vacancy where kindness and justice are concerned. At least, that's how they'd see it.

I'd rather be in a pit with a pit bull than in court listening to legal drivel and fantastical ideas about "our" laws and "our rights." Such a sad day for my babies, my children and the America I thought I lived in.

Now I know better. Commerce, as it is, wins.


No words.
I'm going to have people hating me for what I'm about to say but so be it. The constitution is an out-of-date document. When the founding fathers talked about free speech, gun rights, etc. they could not have fathomed the types of media and distribution or the creation of weapons that can shoot 20 bullets a second.

The people that stand behind the concepts of the constitution to the detriment of society are as bad as the people creating the challenged acts.

I guess this mean that snuff films where humans are killed are free speech, too.
I'm sorry about your dog who passed on. It is such a sad thing :(
It's all horrible and I'm really upset about it. This USA of ours is in serious decline. It's really a sorry, sorry day.

Baby porn will probably be legal, too. Why not? And next filming of beating up old people and setting cats on fire also.

Free speech ya know?
I actually think the court is right on this one--not because I think dogs should be fought (of course) (already illegal) or because I think anyone should profit from, or recruit with, such videos--but as I understand it, the current law disallows their use for documentary or news purposes, which could be detrimental to our anti-fighting cause. The law needs to be more specific about what uses are and are not allowed.
My point is - all this legalism and discussion about court and scope of laws nets one true fact today- horrifying abuse of animals on film is legal to sell here today and that is a national disgrace. This is the bellwether of a nation in decline, not progressing at all.

It is film of crushing baby chicks with high heels that is OK to sell on the internet that is against natural law.

The day it is legal for an American to light a cat on fire and sell the video out of RESPECT FOR THE LAWS OF FREE SPEECH is the beginning of the end. That is just the way I see it.

*very* fortunately, the abusive acts are, and hopefully shall remain, highly illegal. I think that sale for commercial ventures should be illegal, and only educational/documentary uses of pre-existing video (or some limited forms of recording for those purposes) should be permissible.
Yep, and I think documentary or undercover footage should remain free speech because that is what it is.

Such a sad day for the animals today :(
I was outraged when I heard about this ruling. It absolutely galls me that the Supreme Court is using the banner of "free speech" to make it legal to sell these repulsive videos.

The idea that it is illegal to commit acts of violence against animals, but still legal to sell and thereby profit from them, makes absolutely NO SENSE. It's preposterous.

Our animals deserve so much better.

By the way, I'm going to post about this in my journal, and I would love to share your post, if it's all right...?

Edited at 2010-04-21 12:44 am (UTC)
I agree 100% and you post this yes. I'm disgusted and it made me upset all friggin day.
The problem with this law, as I understood it, is that it was just too broad. While it covered the sale of dog fighting videos, it also made it illegal to take those videos. Prosecutors and law enforcement officials often use videos that undercover individuals have taken in order to prosecute dog fighters.

It also made it illegal to take video of other animal cruelty, such as farmed animal cruelty, factory farm cruelty, fur farm cruelty, pet shop animal cruelty, animal mills, etc, and use those videos for educational purposes, or in documentaries, or for any other reason.

We need to be able to take and use these videos to show people the truth. These days, no one believes it unless they see it and even then, they will question it.

This law was probably proposed, or at least thought of as a means to do good. But it wouldn't. If anything, it needs to be refined to specific cases of criminals both causing the abuse and taping the abuse to sell and make money.
I was LIVID about this all day. I posted on one of my fish boards about it and I just could not calm down. Soooooo fucking pissed.
Okay so I know I'm not the only one who just got enraged when I saw this!!
I'm not even going to comment on that....I feel nothing but rage and anger when it comes to these videos of fights and squashings for people's sheer pleasure of it. I want to do the same thing to the person who makes the video and those who like watching that sick ass shit.
Oh Valerie *hugs* :( How awful. What a stupid piece of legislation. I'm so angry on your behalf right now! The pibbles are lucky to have someone like you on their side.
Hi, I'm here via lunalovepotter.

OMG, I am just sick over this. I had no idea crush videos existed. I have no words. :(

I am the proud "Mama" of a pitbull-lab cross we got from the SPCA. In our city no one wanted her, and they were about to put her down when my husband and I found her. Best dog we've ever had, hands down.

It's so sad pitbulls have such a horrible reputation- one they absolutely do not deserve.


Thank you for this post.

Edited at 2010-04-24 10:11 pm (UTC)
Also, I hope you don't mind that I've friended you- I would love to have another pitbull lover on my friends list. :)