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Write On

Welcome to Absurdistan

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  • bluesgirly@livejournal.com
Best way to find me : www.valeriefausone.com.


Writer, Dog Rescuer, Troublemaker, Humorist. I write a story a day here on LJ, M-F. I love new friends and encourage you to add me as I am not boring, I hate drama and all I care about it is having fun. I am the author of two books and use my LJ to support my writing life and connect with people across the world who enjoy good books, satire and nonsense. If you are not an obvious psychopath, I will add you back. I've made some great friends here. If you are a loon, I will probably love you.

I write short stories for readers who don't have time for big novels. If your life is busy and crazed, I'm the writer for you.

I've sold 100's of articles to local and national publications including but not limited to : Press Democrat, City Bike, Marin Journal, ASLA, Disney AND I am the author of a recently released (available on Amazon.com) book called- Life is Ridiculous. My second book, called - Fountain of Marvelous, is now available! Here's how you do it....Speed to Amazon, click on BUY IT NOW.

Life is Ridiculous is a very funny book AS WELL and I think everyone should order that one on Amazon too. I live near the wine country in California, I work as a publicist for Mr. Floyd Miles of the Allman Brothers and Friends - and I play guitar, I love anything musical and especially live shows. I love reading, hanging out with my family & friends and going on vacation anywhere hot. I have 4 dogs and I don't have a cat. I'm thinking about getting a fish.

I like people who are funny and smart. I don't like people who are dull or freak out about politics, or who are mean. Calm down and listen to Bob Marley. Peace man.